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Our cyber security packages offer Businesses next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response, threat and vulnerability management, and more.

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Secure your business from cyber threats

Major data breaches make headlines on a regular basis, but many small and medium sized Businesses still don’t understand how serious the threat is—and that can be dangerous. That’s why it’s critical for IT service providers to start talking to their customers about cyber security and teaching them how to protect their business from this growing threat.

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CloudHost Security Essentials

Here at CloudHost we do exactly that. Our security partner and vendor Barracuda has the latest Network Operation Centre (NOC) & Security Operation Centre (SOC) teams to allow us to proactively monitor your network and critical devices. Scanning for brute force attempts, analysing log and security files for patterns as well as securing your IT estate.


  • Protect your business data from unauthorised access, loss or deletion.
  • Be compliant with industry regulators.
  • Protect your personal information - Prevention of fraud through financial transactions like bank transfers.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Inspire confidence in your customers!
  • Cost savings and value


  • End User Security Training with simulated Phishing emails.
  • Email Security & Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Backup of your whole Microsoft 365
  • AI solution for real-time spear phishing, business email compromise and cyber fraud defence.
  • Web security and content filtering.
  • Live reporting on your infrastructure from our SOC

Email is the number one threat vector

We see almost 80% of all attacks starting through email.  ​Spear Phishing and social engineering are the most effective of those attacks, leading to 93% of all email breaches.

CloudHost Security Essentials

We spot common cybersecurity mistakes customers are making and educate users on how to avoid them coming under attack.

CloudHost Security Essentials

We teach our customers about ransomware and best IT security practices.

CloudHost Security Essentials

We protect our customers from email phishing, viruses and spam as well as DoS attack protection and provide email continuity should Microsoft's Exchange Online platform go down.
  • CloudHost Essentials provides gateway defenses and resiliency
  • CloudHost Sentinel stops brand hijacking and catches social engineering attacks using artificial intelligence
  • CloudHost PhishLine provides the last line of defense – training your employees to spot and thwart phishing attacks on unsecured personal accounts

The approach is totally modular, letting you layer in defense where you need a boost, or use all three components for the ultimate in protection

Email security beyond a traditional gateway to safeguard your employees, brand and organization AI-enabled solution to protect against sophisticated, socially-engineered targeted attacks like business email compromise and account takeover.

Comprehensive, easy-to-use protection against the most advanced email borne threats.

Tailored packages to suit all budgets

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