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We can host your Website, Email and Applications. Our Software and Infrastructure as a Service platform is perfect for reducing your onsite servers.

Is your website running slow? Are you looking for a reliable e-mail platform?

Does your Business use Microsoft 365 and want to reduce costs?
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What is Hosting?

As a business if you have a website you'll need a host, this is essentially a powerful computer which responds to requests when someone visits your website.

CloudHost Limited provides companies of all sizes professional, yet affordable hosting. Hosting comes in various different forms from Website Hosting to Dedicated Servers. Each hosting platform has its own specific merits however by choosing CloudHost as your hosting provider we'll make sure you get the right package for your business.

It's not only websites that need hosting, services such as Email, Cloud Apps, Accountancy and Line of business apps also need a special environment to work.

CloudHost offer a wide variety of hosting platforms and packages. If you're looking tosimplify and deploy your IT infrastructure in the Cloud then call one of our product specialists today to find out more information or to discuss how we can help you.

If you have a website, you'll need a webhost. CloudHost offers professional grade web hosting starting at £10 per month. Get a professional SSL certificate to make your site even safer!

Dedicated Servers are designed one-way for your own use. You're not sharing the resources with any other company. It's solely yours. Used with IaaS & SaaS environments.

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