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Migrate your on-prem to Microsoft 365

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Migrate your on-premise email & file servers to M365

Does your business have legacy on-premise servers?

Do you need to reduce running costs for servers on site? 

Are you worried about the security of your data and IT system?

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    Why Migrate?

    Budget savings come to mind first of all when reasons for cloud migration start being discussed. The issue implies both the scale and type of a business: how much can a particular organization save while getting rid of its own hardware? Even large companies with rich hardware infrastructures can unlikely find significant financial benefits in it in the context of their annual turnovers. Unless they are huge data centers. 

    it is legitimate to claim that the IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) paradigm contributes to small and middle-sized companies in various ways. Startups can launch their projects in clouds from the very beginning to distribute their financial and labor resources without spending much on on-premise facilities. Besides, even the smallest project can confidently count on further growth to any extent since smooth scalability is initially inherent in the cloud infrastructure. No doubt, both Amazon and Alibaba would pay a lot for such an opportunity if they had cloud options in their early business histories.

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    Simple and efficient use of resources

    Simple and efficient use of resources. They are issued on demand exactly in the volume needed at the current moment;

    24/7 support

    24/7 support. Cloud providers solve customers’ problems in real time. Highly-skilled professionals are always on;


    Mobility. Both data and services are accessible from anywhere in the world. Complicated institutional arrangements become redundant when your physical location is changed;

    Managed IT Support

    Our managed IT support package is designed for businesses who don't have any existing IT staff or who have a member of staff looking after the IT but is not their speciality.

    Cyber Security

    Protect your business or organisation from attack with your very own Cyber Security Team providing 24/7 monitoring and lightning fast response and remediation. Also train and upskill your employees with security awareness training and automated phishing campaigns.


    Our internet connectivity products have been developed to provide you and your customers the solutions you need today, in a way that is scalable to meet the demands of tomorrow. Offering high capacity solutions with top-notch security and performance guaranteed.

    IT Consultancy

    Our IT Consultancy partnership package is designed for organisations that may have an existing IT department but they are stretched and unable to provide the same care and service as a whole team can.

    Microsoft 365

    Designed to help you achieve more with less by offering innovative office apps,inteligent cloud services and world-class security. Chat, call, host online meetingsand collaborate in real-time, whether you're working in the office or anywhere else inthe world.

    Cloud Backup

    Find and recover the exact data you want quickly and easily with a modern easy to use user interface that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Back up all your Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive data, and choose full or granular restore depending on your specific needs.

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