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As a leading provider, we specialise in delivering cutting-edge solutions to ensure the seamless operation of your business. Our expert team excels in Network Management and employs robust Cybersecurity Solutions to safeguard your digital assets. With a focus on secure and efficient Cloud Computing Services, we enable your organisation to thrive in the modern digital landscape.

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Cost Savings - Predictable  & Reduced Labour costs.

Expertise & Experience - Access to a team of highly knowledgeable & skilled engineers.

Proactive Maintenance & Support - 24/7 NOC & SOC monitoring along with regular maintenance & updates.


What our clients say about us

  • What truly sets CloudHost apart is their proactive approach. They've helped us streamline our systems and implement robust security measures that have protected us from potential threats. CloudHost's thoroughness and attention to detail have given us peace of mind, knowing that our data is secure and our systems are performing at their best.
    Phil Coleman
  • It is our second year with CloudHost and we have not regretted the decision. Their attention and response to our Support needs is exemplary, I would heartily recommend them.
  • We have been working with the CloudHost team for over 3 years and have found their services to be excellent. The engineers are able to decipher what our issues are and explain in plain language, not jargon, which I want to thank them for.
    Dianne Hannah
    FREShh Contract Cleaning Limited