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1 February 2023

The Things You Should Look For in an IT Provider

Selecting the best IT supplier can seem like an insurmountable challenge in a market that is extremely saturated. It can be challenging to distinguish between service […]
1 February 2023

What should you expect from your IT Support in 2023?

Since the beginning of the digital revolution in the 1980s, IT has become more and more important to how businesses operate, communicate, and provide goods and […]
27 January 2023

Quantum Computing Is Coming, And It’s Reinventing The Tech Industry

Key takeaways Quantum computing has seen major breakthroughs over the past few years. This technology can produce computers that calculate at incredibly high speeds compared to […]
27 January 2023

April 2023 price increase for Microsoft

Beginning on April 1st, 2023, Microsoft will raise all of their services by 9%. In case you weren’t aware, Microsoft will raise prices by 9% on […]
17 January 2023

The Problems With Legacy Applications – What Does This Mean for Business?

In the previous post, we looked into Legacy Applications, learned what they are, and learned how, regrettably, your indispensable apps end up becoming Legacy. Let’s now […]
17 January 2023

The Problems with Legacy Applications – What are they?

Each of us has certain tools that have grown to be our “favourites.” The issue is that those tools won’t last indefinitely and must be replaced […]
9 January 2023

What Is Green Computing?

Green computing, also called sustainable computing, aims to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact in the ways computer chips, systems and software are designed and […]
9 January 2023

IBM goes big on quantum-computer hardware, software

IBM’s most powerful quantum computer yet, Osprey, is a 433-qubit machine, and the company is enlisting partners to identify quantum-computing use cases for businesses. IBM has […]
19 December 2022

Meta thinks it has a great new way to save water in its data centres

The tech giant is experimenting with using lower temperatures to limit water consumption Meta plans to slash the amount of water its data centers are using […]
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