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17 January 2023

The Problems With Legacy Applications – What Does This Mean for Business?

In the previous post, we looked into Legacy Applications, learned what they are, and learned how, regrettably, your indispensable apps end up becoming Legacy. Let’s now […]
17 January 2023

The Problems with Legacy Applications – What are they?

Each of us has certain tools that have grown to be our “favourites.” The issue is that those tools won’t last indefinitely and must be replaced […]
12 December 2022

Quality Management to ISO 9001 Standards – The Business Benefits and How It Comes Into the Equation

In our last article we explored the fundamentals of the ISO 9000 quality management standards, and summarised the steps needed to achieve an ISO 9001-certified quality […]
12 December 2022

Quality Management to ISO 9001 Standards – What Is Iso 9001 and What Does Certification Involve?

Published in 1987, ISO 9000 is set of standards created by the International Organization for Standardization pertaining to the creation of quality management systems. The family […]
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